Processing Practices

At Snyder’s Sweet Corn, we are committed to growing our crops using environmentally sustainable farming practices
that help us to be good stewards of the land we’ve been blessed to farm.
We believe that we do not own the land, but merely borrow it from future generations.
Using this approach we try to continuously improve the land, leaving it in better condition for those to come.

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At Snyder’s Sweet Corn, we have made the switch to reusable totes to bring our fresh corn to our stands! As a result the “BIG GREEN BAG” which held 4 & 1/2 Snyder Dozen, will no longer be available. Our friendly stand attendants will happily bag up the quantity of dozens you need individually!

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Our Snyder Dozens and Snyder 1/2 Dozens are packaged in Oxo-Biodegradable clear bags. Oxo-biodegradable plastics can be recycled along with regular plastic and do not emit methane. Micro organisms present in a landfill will aid in the degradation process along with oxygen, thermal heat, UV light, and mechanical stress. Made in CANADA

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Since 2012, we have partnered with the Hamilton Food Share to distribute fresh corn throughout the region. At the end of each selling day, we bag up the remainder of the corn from that day to be picked up by the Food Share 3 times a week. To date, it has been our privilege to have shared over 8500 Snyder Dozen with those with limited access to fresh corn!! We also distribute corn coupons to our 4 local food banks to be distributed at the beginning of each season to their clients. This gives opportunity for all of our valued customers to purchase corn from our stands when they would like to serve it to their families!