Thanks for a great season!


Thanks For a Great Season!


Thanks for a ‘corn-tastic’ 2019 sweet corn season! Our harvest is now complete and the last Dozens will soon be consumed and we wanted to take this time to express our overwhelming appreciation to you, our customers! We LOVE what we do and who we do it for! Thanks for all the cobs you purchased this season…we hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we did! Thank you also for your awesome feedback and encouragement during another interesting opening day and all season long! You make us better ? We also LOVE and appreciate the people we do this crazy thing called ‘corn’ with! To all of our Corny Crew…our ‘Summer Snyders’….your efforts and representation of our family farm was amazing and we could not have done it without you!!! You were a pleasure to work alongside and we wish you much success in the coming year ahead!! To our children…our favourite Snyders 1/2 Dozen…each of you helped us in such immeasurable ways whether here or from abroad. Thank you for your loving support and helpful hands…especially when we were up to our ears in corn!!Thank you to my Corn King, Tom, who worked tirelessly every day picking, packing, and talking me through the pile of corn that loomed over me ? There’s truly no one else I’d rather do this life alongside!And we are so very thankful to our Lord for His provision…He makes the seeds sprout and grow and gives us the strength, energy and wear-with-all to do what we do! In abundant years and challenging years we thank Him!From all of us to all of you…have an AWESOME year! We look forward to serving you again in just 323 more SLEEPS! See you in 2020 for more Snyder’s Corn

Thanks for a great season!