I’m Getting So Big!!!

I’m getting so big!!! And so are all my corny friends ??

Just look what 4 sleeps did! This first crop is progressing along nicely and is at the perfect stage to explain the importance of silks. 

The silks are what we often think of as a nuisance when it’s time to cook up some delicious Snyder’s Corn. But don’t be too hasty to judge those stray hairs that get stuck in our fresh corn as they are of utmost importance to kernel development.

Each silk is attached to an individual kernel. As the cob grows and begins to stretch out, the silks will push through the husk to hang out and become sticky just waiting for the pollen from the plants tassel to drop on it! This process is referred to as pollination and it is when the kernel determines if it will plump up and become one of approximately 700 juicy, sweet kernels that make up the perfect cob of Snyder’s Sweet Corn! 

This plant has already decided it’s potential and now it is up to the environment (and a ton of Snyder Loving Care) to nurture and encourage it as it strives to fulfill that potential. 

So let’s hear it for an incredible design and SLC!