Corn Donations

At Snyder’s Sweet Corn, we are humbled to be able to feed our community.
We consider it a privilege to do so and in turn desire to give back from the blessings we’ve received.
Being good stewards of all of our resources is something we truly hope to instill in future generations of our family and yours.


Any donation requests must be received via email prior to May 31 each year.
Only those requests that fall within our FEED & PROTECT mandate will be considered.

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Since 2012, we have partnered with the Hamilton Food Share to distribute fresh corn throughout the region. At the end of each selling day, we bag up the remainder of the corn from that day to be picked up by the Food Share 2 times a week. To date, it has been our privilege to have shared over 16799 Snyder Dozen with those with limited access to fresh corn!!
We also distribute corn coupons to our 3 local food banks to be distributed at the beginning of each season to their clients. This gives opportunity for all of our valued customers to purchase corn from our stands when they would like to serve it to their families!

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At Snyder’s Sweet Corn, we recognize and support the people that have done so much to serve and protect our communities. We are committed to donating corn to the following organizations’ fundraising events and we hope that you will attend one of them this summer!

Fisherville Fire Dept. – Annual Wing Ding & Corn Roast

Selkirk Fire Dept. – Annual Fish Fry & Corn Roast

Canfield Fire Dept. – Annual Pig & Corn Roast

Hamilton Police Services – Community Picnic & Corn Roast

Caledonia Legion – Chicken & Corn Dinner

Hagersville Legion – Summer Corn Roast

Stoney Creek Legion – Summer Corn Roast

Hamilton Vets Services – Summer Corn Roast

447 Wing – Summer Corn Roast

Hagersville Lions – Summer’s End Festival

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At Snyder’s Sweet Corn, we understand how valuable each and every member of our team is in providing an exceptional product and experience and we recognize their hard work and compensate fairly for this effort. We are also fully devoted to supporting those less fortunate in our greater communities and want to be a company who encourages that in the youth that work alongside us each season.

Over the years we have struggled with how to fairly distribute any extra monies received from our awesome customers. It can be very challenging to define who these extra monies get distributed to as there are many people working hard both behind the scenes and at the stand. Through the seasons we have discovered that when these amounts are distributed equally to those working each day they don’t amount to very much, but if we collectively allow them to accumulate, their sum can truly make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Our crew decision is that any money given at the stand in excess of the sales will be considered a donation and set aside to be donated to the 541 Eatery & Exchange on Barton Street in Hamilton. Our family farm will commit to matching this amount and at the end of the season the donation will be made on behalf of our Corny Crew!

We are thrilled to share that all of our giving in 2022 allowed us to share 1242 buttons with those in need that will be exchanged for warm meals in the coming weeks!

Please check out the work 541 Eatery & Exchange does at or visit them for an awesome meal and experience the difference one button can make!