We are excited to welcome you and your family to our Farm Stand!

The safety of your family and ours has always been a priority for us! Each season we look at ways to do what we do better, and this season is no different. We have adjusted our hours to allow for easier access for all those traveling to our Farm Stand after a hard day’s work…we will now be open Monday through Saturday 9 AM till 7 PM as our supply allows!

Physical distancing is easy on our farm and we invite you all to enjoy the increased space we offer. We will begin our season with one ENTER HERE section open to ensure that our line flows smoothly and efficiently. Our lineup area will now sneak around to provide lots of room for you to make your way to our PAYMENT STAND…just follow our perfectly spaced row of corn!!

Once you have made your way to the front of the line, we are happy to say that we can finally accept all DEBIT/CREDIT transactions and of course CASH!

For your convenience and hygiene, you will also find an environmentally and hand friendly, waterless foaming hand soap called Steriodine which is an iodine-based hand sanitizer! These stations are positioned at our ENTER HERE area, our PAYMENT STAND, as well as at our EXIT HERE area.

Now more than ever, we will encourage ‘Corn-pooling’ to help reduce traffic congestion…we will not discourage larger orders as that actually helps reduce lineups! We have added more wagons for all your ‘corn-pooling’ needs and we encourage the use of our soap dispensers at the end of your visit! Of course, our Summer Snyder’s will continue to assist you wherever needed!

We want your purchasing experience to be a fabulous part of your day and are always looking for ways to put a smile on our customers faces while providing some of the sweetest corn around! We look very forward to a ‘corn-tastic’ season!

Let us all EAT CORN and BE HAPPY

Excitedly, Tom & Brenda Snyder and our Corny Crew