Save the Corn 1


Save the Corn!

Saving the corn!!!

It’s that time in the season when we have to walk the corn rows to help some of our little ones break free from the plastic! 5 acres done…only 18 acres to go!!!

Save the Corn 2
Save the Corn 3
The plasticulture we use is totally biodegradable!!! By the time we pick it there won’t be hardly any left and it doesn’t leave any harmful toxins behind either!
Save the Corn 4
We use kids small…
Save the Corn 5
…and tall!!!
Save the Corn 6
The plastic acts like a greenhouse over the cool early spring soil and helps to have the corn ready earlier. We plant in stages so that we can have corn all summer and after a few weeks in the spring the plastic doesn’t give enough of an advantage for the extra cost and work. This year we doubled the acres under plastic to help to feed all of our hungry friends early on!!!