Plastic Laying Collage


Spring is in the air!!

Oh the sweet smell of fresh soil in the spring!!
Today is the what we consider the start of our 2019 sweet corn season and we are excited to share it with you all!


There’s so much happening as we begin to cultivate the bridge flats and lay our biodegradable plastic mulch to prepare the soil for those first seeds sometime next week. By end of day we hope to have this job complete just in time for the forecasted rain to cinch the plastic mulch nice and tight to the ground. This will help to keep it in place when the late spring winds come through!

Plastic 2

The purpose of the plastic mulch is to act as a greenhouse and warm up the cool soil so that when we plant the seeds through it they have a nice warm environment to grow in.

Plastic 1

Stay tuned for lots more posts as we grow your delicious Gourmet Sweet Awesome!