Laying Biodegradable Plastic Mulch

You guessed it….it’s ‘plastic’ laying day!!

When the ground is fit, we go in and do 3 minimal till passes before we lay our biodegradable mulch. This mulch is laid 2 rows at a time travelling about 2.5 mph! It takes 4 Snyders to get the job done efficiently…5 if you count the person on ‘meal duty’!

At this point, there is still no seed in the ground. The mulch will cinch to the soil and begin to heat it up, much like a greenhouse. Today being Earth Day, let me also assure you that as the mulch breaks down prior to harvest, it doesn’t release any harmful chemicals or toxins into our soil!

In about a week we will plant the first of the golden gems at which time we can officially predict our Countdown To Corn! But just for kicks and giggles, I say 91 SLEEPS!!!