Laying Biodegradable Plastic Mulch

Today is the day we prepare for since the end of harvest last fall!

It’s plastic laying day!!!

Somehow though, regardless of how much we prepare, there always seems to be a ‘flaw in the slaw’!

This year is no different…however today, many of you joined us in our frustration when the entire Rogers cell network went down! How does that affect us here on the farm you might wonder! We use GPS technology to steer our tractors and sprayers so that we can control our wheel traffic. This is very important in order to reduce compaction in the soil and allow the roots of the sweet corn to grow and thrive! We also depend on this technology to keep our rows straight from pass to pass so that when we return in a couple weeks to plant through the plastic, the rows line up perfectly! Our sub-inch accuracy is accomplished using cell correction and our carrier is none other than Rogers!! So this morning, we like many others, were literally lost on our farm. We were so thankful to Bell for providing us new SIM cards and after a crazy trip to town and a bit of reprogramming we were finally ready to roll!! That is until we discovered a flat tire on the machine after just a few feet down the first row! As I said before, we are very prepared going into this special day, but plastic laying day is always full of surprises!

My favourite surprise this year was having sweet little Addison join us for her first go at plastic laying with Pake and Daddy! She confirmed that the conditions were perfect and the soil was delicious too! That must be the secret behind Snyder’s Sweet Corn!

So much love and patience goes into this crop and we are very thankful for our children and now grands for their help in getting it all done!

Can’t wait to serve you all some delicious Snyder’s Sweet Corn this summer!