Laser Technology


Bird Control!


Each fall, these majestic birds offer our soil ‘free nutrients’ as they forage through the remains of our sweet corn crop! This is a most welcome gift, however come spring, they return with their young families to enjoy life along the banks of the Grand River. To their delight, and our dread, our little shoots of sweet corn make for a yummy snack ? In very short order, they will mow down several acres of corn plants which means less corn to harvest for your enjoyment!

In 2019 we ‘hired’ Tika, our sons dog, to guard the banks from their intrusion. While this was semi-successful, it did nothing for our other in season challenge of swarms of blackbirds who wreak havoc on the crop by pecking a few kernels from the tips of each cob causing it to turn brown and become less presentable for consumption! They’re damage makes sorting a tedious task and can cause acres of loss and waste.

We were very excited this winter to come across a new tool using laser technology to harmlessly repel birds. To the human eye, we see a tiny dot moving along the ground in a preprogrammed pattern. A ‘birds eye’ view was captured on a rainy morning last week. Rain or shine, the bird sees the complete beam which encourages them to seek a less disruptive dinner table elsewhere!!

Laser Technology