Snyder’s Garden Plots


Come garden where we grow!

Are you interested in growing your own food but lack the land for a garden?
Do you want to connect with like minded families as you do so?
Does it appeal to you to enjoy all of this while appreciating scenic river views and amazing wildlife and nature?

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We are often asked, “What makes your sweet corn so good?”

Our response is always, “A lot of Snyder Loving Care and some of the most amazing land that we’ve been blessed to be caretakers of!”

Our family farm is excited to offer you the unique opportunity to come
‘garden where we grow’!

A parcel of what was once Tom’s grandfather’s garden can now be yours to rent seasonally from May 15 thru September 30 as weather permits.

You will have the opportunity to cultivate a 10′ X 20′ plot of some of the most fertile soil Haldimand County has to offer!

We look very forward to ‘growing’ with you!

Tom & Brenda Snyder…and family

10’ X 20’ GARDEN PLOT – $250 +HST ($282.50)
(with the rental of a 10’X20′ plot you will have the option to rent an additional 10’X10′ plot available in very limited quantities)

(Deposit is refundable only after fall cleanup is complete.)

Applications must be made in person and accompanied by the
$50 deposit before April 15th, 2023
(email to book an appointment)

Full plot payment can be made either by cash or e-transfer and must be received by April 30th.


Applications will be available January 1st until April 15th, 2023 or until all plots are spoken for.
Snyder’s Garden Plots are available in limited supply.
We will be meeting with interested parties to view the property
and chat about the opportunity as applications are received.


Plots will be available for planting from May 15th through September 30th (weather permitting). The garden plots can be worked in during daylight hours Monday-Saturday.

Plots must be confirmed and paid in full by April 30th including the refundable fall clean up deposit.

The soil in all our Snyder’s Garden Plots is fertile river flats loam. The land is tiled, tilled, and will be organically fertilized for you each fall as required.

The garden plots can be worked in during daylight hours Monday-Saturday.

Gardeners are responsible to weed and properly manage their gardens weekly throughout the growing season.
When it comes to organic weed management, more often is always better!

On or before September 30th, gardeners must remove all non-biodegradable material (i.e., stakes, fence, wire, lumber) from the garden.
The exact date of closing will be weather dependant and gardeners will be advised annually to allow for fall cleanup and tillage.

Gardeners may use a combination of conventional and organic practices. We are allowing the use of insecticides/pesticides however anything that is residual to the following growing season is not permitted such as synthetic fertilizers or chemical herbicides. Carpet or other potentially toxic materials shall not be used as cover.

Please keep all planted material and any stakes a minimum of 5″ from the edge of your plot to allow for mowing of the grass divider strips without damaging your plants and produce!

If you are in any way unsure, please check with Tom or Brenda.

Wood and metal may be used to support trellis’ and stake plants but must be a minimum of 2′ tall so as not to be missed during fall cleanup . Tomato cages are also permitted.

Please keep all planted material and any stakes a minimum of 5″ from the edge of your plot to allow for mowing of the grass divider strips without damaging your plants and produce!

Please keep materials containing ecological contaminants out of the plots (ie. wood that has been pressure-treated or painted)

If you are in any way unsure, please check with Tom or Brenda.

Snyder’s Garden Plots are intended for growing fresh produce and flowers only.

Shanties and lean-to-shelters or shade stands of any kind are not permitted.

Plant tall crops only where they do not shade neighbouring plots and ensure that plants do not grow beyond the boundaries of your individual plot.

Always treat the other gardeners, their plot and the property of our community garden with respect. Harvesting of other gardener’s plots is forbidden unless written permission has been granted by the neighbouring gardener.

There is to be no admission into the surrounding sweet corn fields or harvesting of the sweet corn crop therein!

Compost bins will be provided, and it is expected that all plant waste will be taken to the designated areas.

Keep trash & litter out of the plot, as well as from adjacent pathways. Please be sure to deposit any trash in the provided dumpster or take it with you when you leave our farm property.

Planting of sweet corn, perennial plants, cannabis plants and noxious weeds is prohibited. Invasive plants (e.g., mint, Jerusalem artichoke, etc.) must be in a removable container.

Plant materials that are on Ontario’s Invasive Species list are prohibited.
Please refer to:

Gardeners must notify Snyder’s Sweet Corn (manager of Snyder’s Garden Plots) if you are unable to maintain your plot for more than a week.
In the event that you are not able to tend your plot, we can arrange for minimal upkeep for an additional fee.

In the event of plot abandonment, poor husbandry, severe disease or pest damage, growth of above-mentioned plants, Snyder’s Sweet Corn reserves the right to weed, till down the plot.

Gardeners are responsible for providing their own tools and equipment. We will have some tools that can be rented on a first come first served basis and can only be booked on arrival.

We currently do not have storage for individual gardener’s tools, however, that is something we will consider in the future if there is a demand for it.

Our farm has been investing in systematic sub-surface drip irrigation which is a system that efficiently waters our crops from beneath the soil surface.

All Snyder’s Garden Plots have sub-surface drip irrigation installed and will be watered for you regularly throughout the growing season.

There will be a water/produce cleaning station available for gardeners who want to use watering cans to do additional watering or clean their produce before heading home.

Snyder’s Sweet Corn (manager of Snyder’s Garden Plots) will commit to working up the plots each spring and doing the fall tillage and applying any required nutrients to maintain good soil health in our garden plots.

Soil, compost or manure from off of our farm property is NOT to be applied to any of the garden plots by individual gardeners.

Gardeners are to only plant quality seeds and seedlings and not bring any other organic matter onto the farm.

It is very important that as stewards of this land, that we know what is being applied each spring and fall season in an effort to control any disease or pests from spreading from other communities!

We encourage families spending time together gardening!

In the interest of everyone’s’ safety, pets are NOT permitted, and children must be in the company of their parents/guardians at all times and are not to roam freely on our property.
Children must be within arms reach and stay within the garden plot assigned to the family while the parent/guardian is gardening!

We are not an organic sweet corn producer. We implement conventional farming practices.

Our world of food production can be a confusing place. We try to be as transparent as possible!

We only use products that are made in a controlled environment and heavily tested with years of data and guidelines behind them! We feel that some of the ‘natural’ alternatives have not actually been proven safe for our environment or our family’s consumption…please ask very candid questions of anyone promoting an ‘organic’ method of cultivating produce.

These products we use are designed to target pests such as European Corn Borer and Western Bean Cutworms which can destroy a crop in very short order. I don’t know about you but I don’t like protein mixed in with my produce unless it’s cooked chicken in a salad!

All of these products have strict guidelines that go above and beyond food safety recommendations and we practice safe application routines to protect my husband and sons when they are handling any of them! I want my family around for many years to come!

Please understand that this is not only our farm property, but also our family home. It is to be understood that our farming practices and family space will be treated with the same regard as another gardener’s plot and will not be ventured into without invitation.

We expect that each gardener will respect the instructions given. Failure to do so will obviously result in a forfeiture of your plot and contents.